Robin Kegal

Robin Kegal

Surf shaper of our time

What have you been up to lately? Surfing closed out conditions in Sydney. Eating fresh fruits of Australia. Picking up on Czech chicks. Drinking too much in bad bars.

What advice did you listen to, but regret afterwords? I only listen to the thoughts in my head, I'm stubborn and always ponder the opposite of what others advice. Everything I've thought at one time proves to be the opposite of the solution, so all and none. 

Tell us of your latest discovery? Linear flow. Taking hydrodynamics to the streets swimming sidewalks and walking waves.

Favourite Sunpocket shade? Womans open cat eyes for men.

What’s your motto? The surf is free and the waves still break in a world gone mad!

What three words best describe yourself? Erratic high trimlines.